We develop, publish and run mobile applications. Our focus is on the native implementation for the two leading platforms Android and iOS. The integration of mobile sensors and external devices make applications innovative and enable new business models. We combine front-end applications with sophisticated back-end cloud systems to achieve a consistent customer experience throughout all possible platforms and devices.

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About 70%* of all current smartphones are using Android as operating system. Android smartphones offer a good performance at a highly competitive price. Read more about our Android skills and services …

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About 20%* of all current smartphones are using iOS as operating system. It is a stable platform, suitable for private and business use. Read more about our iOS skills and services …

*: Source statista.com
Photo “Mobile Phones And Abercrombie” by garryknight is licensed under CC BY 2.0
Photo “Run Forrest! Run!” by Alexandre Pereira is licensed under CC BY 2.0